Welcoming Stay by the Sea

Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach is a fourth generation, 150-year-old home. Our family feels privileged to share it as a Nova Scotia cottage rental for guests to enjoy.

This is Kevin, your host. Many say Hirtle's Beach in Kingsburg is one of the finest in Nova Scotia. Although I have lived in Lunenburg County all my life, I never take for granted the incredible beauty of this place I call home. Fabulous, changing vistas greet the driver, boater and hiker.

The starring role goes to the Atlantic Ocean whose moods can change in the blink of an eye. While strolling along the beach or picnicking on a glacial drumlin, a memento of the last Ice Age; she may offer a tranquil, peaceful setting or a crashing, mighty display of power.

Gladee was a restauranteur and cook who happily went the extra mile. She was known far and wide for her endearing hospitality. The Creasers continued this family trait by respectfully restoring and transforming Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach with custom-built furnishings, local art, folk art and antiques. Guests are surprised to note the wealth of unexpected extras including a bird book and binoculars, a trunkful of board games, kites to fly on the beach and an insider's view on the best places to eat, see and experience.

Gladee's location is exceptional. The house perches next to some two-plus miles of white sandy beach which lays out the welcome mat to waders, body surfers and beachcombers. A stones throw away sits a protected, sandy-bottom lake that is popular with swimmers. For a truly unforgettable hike, continue along the beach to Gaff Point. Treasured by the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy, local residents and visitors alike, it offers a stunning display of ocean, forest, rock cliffs and wildlife.

Autumn in this charming 250-year-old seaside community is Nature's gift to those who are open to its offering. September's ocean waters are at their warmest. The beach is left to a few fortunate who wisely linger where earth, sea and sky meet in a most awe-inspiring manner.

Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a delightful 15 minute drive away. The coastal town's historic and finely preserved architecture is complimented by shops, galleries, the Museum of the Atlantic and a fleet of boat tours.

Our site is filled with information about Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach. We hope you like browsing through our photos and informative text. It was fun restoring the house, then building this web site. We enjoy meeting our guests and helping them in any way we can. In turn, we try to do something a little different here, to tell a story rather than simply keying in lists as do most rental sites. Of course we include the listings, but we also follow the fine example of my Great-Aunt Gladee and take the time to go that extra mile. See for yourself as you explore our site . . . Welcome aboard!

Contact Kevin at kevincreaser@eastlink.ca

tel :902 766 0321