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My album: Gladee's celebrates Gladee Hirtle's strong sense of community and hospitality. She plays a key role in many wonderful stories, passed on generation after generation. In much the same way, her recipes live on as cherished mementoes of a generous woman.

Gladee loved to make people happy -- and if that meant working long hours at her seaside canteen and dining room, she was delighted to do so.

Today, her great-nephew Kevin Creaser and his wife, Suzanne, are proud to be the hosts at Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach.

For two years, Kevin and his father, Eric, worked at transforming Gladee's home into a remarkable vacation destination. Upgraded with all the modern conveniences, home to many fine traditional arts and crafts, outfitted with an eye to comfort and pleasure, it remains true to the spirit of Gladee.

Considered by some to be Nova Scotia at its best, Hirtle's Beach is a memory-making paradise -- a gathering place for earth, sea and sky.

Gladee's wonderful food and generousity of spirit attracted many loyal followers from near and far to her seaside canteen and dining room.

Hirtle's Beach offers the visitor a constantly changing front-row view of the Atlantic Ocean and her many moods.

An early start to a new day in Kingsburg, home to Hirtle's Beach and Gaff Point, a remarkable protected wilderness park, accessable by foot. Click here for a wonderful photo page on Gaff Point

Gladee's album makes note of a vibrant bird population. An osprey nest sits atop a tall pole on the hill behind Gladee's. In the spring, summer and early fall, they put on a death-defying show while hunting for fresh fish in the lake and ocean. Stately great blue herons patrol the lakeside while shorebirds dart to and fro looking for nourishment at the sea's hemline.

There's plenty of land-based animals to watch as well -- members of a growing herd of deer can often be seen grazing -- especially in the early mornings and evenings.

Gladee's album is information-packed: an insider's view of the area. While you're out and about, don't forget to check out Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you're there, be sure to drop in to the Spotted Frog--that's where many of Kevin's works are displayed.

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