Kevin Creaser's album explores his art
is a delightful destination

This designer album: Kevin Creaser,artist, pays tribute to his intriguing view of life.

His eclectic projects leave plenty of room for humourous folk art, intricate realism and free-flowing scenics. More than a painter, the mechanical wizard is well-versed in creating remarkable moving and stationary sculptures, furniture, cabinetry and design. His sold pieces have travelled throughout the globe.

pickle man kevin

What is folk art? For the most part, humour plays a key role. Sometimes described as "naive," at first glance it may appear to be simple, but look again--invariably it includes a clever pun. One thing is for sure, this is a Dilly of a Headstand!

The Evolution of Man finds a place in Kevin Creaser's album. The colourful piece tells our story in a "moving" engaging manner which is a delight to all ages.

kevin's oxen carving

This trusty ox follows his ingenious master's bidding . . . we could all do with such a hard-working helpmate.

pig bank carving

Making Kevin's album was a delight -- as is this charming mechanical trio which deftly illustrates his fun-loving spirit.

wood carving kevin
Once the secret is revealed, the Pirate's Treasure will be released. To the right, luxurious pampering requires nothing more from the bather than she sit back and relax ... the perfect ending to a hectic day.

wood carving

Next time you're get cornered by someone who's full of hot air, think of Kevin's take on it ... that should relieve the feeling of entrapment.

landscape painting

This album detail from Kevin Creaser's collection of Lunenburg County shoreline life was inspired by Group of Seven painter Casson. It clearly demonstrates the range of Kevin's expertise.

kevin creaser boat paintings

In this study of a Cape Island, inshore fishing boat, Kevin pays tribute to his father, Eric, as well as all who make their living from the sea. His paintings symbolize livlihood, inner strength and the ever-present potential for tragedy.

kevin creaser mirrors

Kevin's gathering of mirrors are home to a wide assortment of interests including whimsical folk art, Maritime scenics and realistic members of the animal kingdom.

Kevin's carved fish recall the one that got away or was released. The codfish on the bottom nets a coastal scene in its midships.

kevin creaser cd cabinet

Kevin's design, artistic and woodworking capabilities lend themselves well to his line of CD cabinets. He's also called on to do larger projects such as kitchen cabinets.

Click here to see the cabinets Kevin built at Gladee's

Kevin creaser artist and designer
Kevin Creaser has devoted decades to honing his craft. His works demand dedication as an artist, sculpture, carver, wood-worker, observer and all-round magician.

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