Another Beautiful Cottage
        right by the Beach

Only a ten minute drive from Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach, there is another  rental by another great beach, it is called "The House, Eh at Oxner Beach". If we are booked at Gladee's ,you should check if they have availability. We recommend it because of all the work, personality and heart and soul that has been put into the place, just like we have done with Gladee's .

The propery has a 4 bedroom - 2 bathroom house , a cabin with a large  screened in deck overlooking the water and another deck with BBQ among the trees . It has a lot of great unique things just like Gladee's.

You can check it out by clicking on the link

Oxner beach at low tide

The house,eh at oxner beach

The cabin very close to the beach

Beautiful sunsets over oxner beach awaits as you relax and have a drink on the deck.