Why Gladee's inspires her guests to return again and again.....

Our Guests say it often, and they are doing just that.. We go to great lengths to make Gladee's a very special place. The house has been in my family over 125 years and has a strong hold on our hearts. We are enthusiastic about sharing this delight with our guests. My father, Eric, and I spent one-and-a-half years restoring, renovating, designing and searching high and low for the perfect pieces to complete the space.

Gladees beach house at Kingsburg nova scotia

There's a wealth of information on our web site about Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach. We don't want to give away all the fun, you'll enjoy discovering it on your own during a relaxing stay at Gladee's.
On summer mornings and evenings, Hirtle's Beach is quiet and peaceful. It is not uncommon to walk the white sandy beach of some two miles and only see a half-dozen people -- especially in the spring and fall.

Hirtle beach

nova scotia beach

You might be lucky and catch a spectacular view of whales diving close to shore after bait fish. The other day, it was a real thrill to see them chasing and gorging themselves on herring schools, then breaching way out of the water, among a two-foot high bank of herring. What a spectacle! The sea birds and seals had a field day in the frenzied waters. I have never seen them so close to shore. It was an unforgettable day The whispering wind set a quiet, understated stage for the mighty beasts' splashing and thrashing!

Gaff Point

Walk along Hirtle's Beach to the end, you will be rewarded with a wonderful, pristine, protected wilderness park, Gaff Point. It offers a remarkable hiking experience as well as a secret or two awaiting your discovery.

Gladee's guests get the inside scoop which turns out, for many, to be a highlight of their vacation.

Have I peaked your curiosity?

Even without uncovering the secret, a wealth of enjoyment is yours.

I never grow bored of the view: the varied landscape, oceanside lakes, dramatic rock outcroppings and earthy clay drumlins caused by the last Ice Age.

 beach rocks at hirtle's beach

Walk over two miles of the white sand beach, it will lead you by rocks piled, at times, 10 and more feet high. Each smoothly polished stone tells the thousands-of-years-old tale of the surf's mighty power.

 nova scotia beach rocks
This well-regarded, visual offering is a protected beach. By law, no one can remove any rocks.

Sandy hirtle's beach

When the tide is low, you can walk way out on pure white sand and wade in the small rolling waves. When the tide is high, after a good breeze, you are greeted by a spectacular surf, a body surfer's delight! Be sure to step into the warm, neighbouring lake. It's a perfect spot for youngsters to swim and play and it's only a step away from its big sister, the ocean. You can see there's something for everyone.

As your day unfolds and evening approaches, you return to Gladee's. The large front deck invites you to relax to the gentle sounds of the rolling surf. Don't forget to look up from your book! Your eyes will wonder over the lake's beautiful reflections of the neighbouring hillside.

Gladee's deck ocean front

Looking farther out to sea, you may catch sight of a whale breaching, an osprey plunging for a meal or a seal bobbing in the still ocean waters. In the evening, as you enjoy a BBQ, relaxing on one of six comfortable deck chairs, you'll agree it's a glorious end to a grand day!

 front deck overlooking beach

We invite you to experience the beauty at our family home. That's why people come back time after time -- to see natural surroundings at their best.. But..wait that's not the whole story. Our guests return because of the pride we take in caring for Gladee's -- and her guests.

The rest of the web site gives you all the information you need to see what some of our guests have already discovered ..................... "Great Spot.. we'll be back!!"

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