Designer album: Nova Scotia, pays tribute to coastal community


Welcome to my designer album: Nova Scotia . . . you'll meet some of the people, places and projects I love, through page and detail samples from a collection of albums I've done for myself and others. Some of the photos are old, while others were taken recently. Keep in mind, this door is always open -- at Gladee's, we love growing our website.

 album-kingsburg photoss

There's nothing like getting an early start to another beautiful day at Kingsburg.

gladees deck

A lovely view of the beach from the front deck of Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach.
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This designer album page now lives in New York City.

We count ourselves fortunate to live so close to Gaff Point. The protected destination offers the hiker plenty of delightful moments.

Whatever we do, wherever we go, we always end our day by-the-sea.

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gold skies

My designer album, Kingsburg Skyshots of Nova Scotia, celebrates the ever-changing skies. I hope these samples inspire you to look up wherever you may be!

Why not? Hold the camera horizontally, but present the image vertically.

sunrise blind

Everything's back to rights ... a brilliant start to the day.

kingsburg blue sky

I use a few beads to sparkle the image.

album cloud

Mirroring clouds with framing.

Gladees album

The end of another perfect day in Lunenburg County ... or is it the beginning? Whichever it is, hope you've enjoyed our visit....Jodie

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