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A Beautiful Photo Essay of Hirtle's Beach

Photos taken by Gail Rafuse

August 4th 2011

Added a new page today about whale watching in Lunenburg. Walter Flower, owner of the whale watching touring business was very helpful. He runs a great business, your guests will get to see great scenery, whales, dolphins, sea birds and lots of different wildlife along our shoreline in the Lunenburg area. We will be adding alot more pages soon with the ten best things to do in Nova Scotia in areas like Lunenburg , Kingsburg, Mahone Bay and Liverpool. We want our guest's to get the best possible experience here, so we are going to write and show all the gems in our little corner of the world.

Here are your catorgoies of 10 best things to do and see

1/ Great beach adventures

2 Exciting whale watching tours

3/ Best festival's { Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival}

4/ Wilderness adventure

5/ Museums of greater interest

6/ Great restaurants

7/ Wineries

8/ History brought to life

9/ Unique Shopping {not your mall stuff}

10/ The Arts

Date July 23rd 2011

We are having another great year, at Gladee's at Hirtles Beach booked all of July and August. We still have one full week in Sept from the 3rd to the 10th. October is a busy month for us as well, with things like the mahone bay scrawcrow festival. There is alway something interesting to see in the fall. We have added a few extra things for the enjoyment of our guests, like 5 new board games and two new body boards to use in the surf. There are lots of shovels ,pails, trucks, sand molds for the little ones to enjoy on Hirtles Beach. We will be adding new pages soon, so come back later to see what we have in store.

Cheers Kevin and Suzanne

Date Feb 20 2011

We are looking forward to another great year for our guests at Gladee's. We have bookings now for the spring, summer and fall season.

We have made some improvements and a few extras to the beach house this year. In the entertainment room we have made it a lot more fun for the whole family to enjoy in the evenings or when the weather turns bad. We have a large cabinet to store extra board games, a larger coffee table to play the board games on and a large high definition TV and receiver to watch sports or movies on.

The web site we have added more things as well, like more great comments from our guests on the testimonial page. Thanks for all the kind words over the years. I know all our guests have had a great time at our home and many have returned again and again. We will be adding more photos and info to our site throughout the years,so come back to see what's new.

Cheers Kevin and Suzanne

Date: July 11th 2010

Welcome to our journal. We'll keep you updated with what's new at Gladee's. And give suggestions of some fun activities you can do while in our area. I'm Kevin,your host at Gladee's. We've pledged to regularly update Gladee's web pages.

We are making improvements all the time to Gladee's cottage rental. We have added four new pages recently to our web site,including, Journal 2010,New for 2010, Gladee's holiday, and a fun page on my great uncle Cyril Hirtle,the folk artist, who lived at Gladee's. We will be adding a great new page soon,showing all the best things to do and see in our area. Hope you enjoy the site! We promise to keep on building and improving.

Until next time, Kevin