Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival

Join us as we spend some fun, quality time in the midst of a most remarkable event. Jodie and I had a great day taking pictures of Mahone Bay's lively, lovable friends and neighbours.

This charming seaside village is a delightful half-hour drive from Gladee's at Hirtle's Beach. Summer fun is extended to the shoulder seasons with a full menu of activities and sights, not the least of which is the annual Great Scarecrow Festival and Antique Fair, held the first weekend in October. This community of scarecrows clearly demonstrates the town is home to a wealth of ingenuity and finely- honed artistic abilities and sense of fun.

Amos Pewter has an inviting get-away where passers-by enjoy a tranquil moment free of the hussle and bustle. This tranquil gardener likes nothing better than spending her days among the flowers. Her sweetheart welcomes visitors to the pewter shop, gallery and workshop. Amos Pewter is the first Nova Scotia member of the Quebecois Economuseum network, whose mission is to showcase traditional trades and skills. Interested visitors are introduced to pewter history and techniques.

cow scarecrow

An original settler stands by one of her trusty farm animals. Teams of oxen played an important role in clearing land, preparing the gardens and fields for seeding, hauling firewood and other heavy loads. Today, some oxen are still used for work -- mostly to keep in shape for ox pull competitions.

tina turner

Preeesenting, for you, on our centre stage....the Best....the Happiest...the most Successful singing scarecrows on the face of the earth.....Ray Charles and Tina Turner.

elvis Cher

INTRODUCING .... for the very first time, the Fab Threesome! From left, Mick Jagger tests the mike (or is that a hairbrush?) with his tongue. Next comes Elvis -- he's back and looking better than ever. And, finally the Diva Cher in all her fabulous finery. Tonight, in the heart of town, they'll perform for the first time, Why I Love Being a Scarecrow in Mahone Bay.

pirate scarecrow

Scarecrow in dory

This young, braided miss shyly watches the passing parade of visitors. To the right, Everything is Hunky Dory in this trusty little Lunenburg Dory!

Jo-Ann's Deli and Market offers a feast for the eyes -- as well as the belly. Each October, an artistic pumpkin and gourd patch welcomes one-and-all to the season.


This gorgeous "cheesecake" of a pup is a most co-operative model and welcoming mascot.

A gardener's take on the Scarecrow Festival. This gal is all set for the '80s-Big-Hair return ... as for her pooch, he prefers using gel for a slim, trim look.


This red-headed lass is all ready for cooler temperatures ... she sports a cosy look with her colourful, hand-knitted cap, sweater and vest and why not, she's in front of a shop called Have a Yarn.

Here's a special parcel for Mrs. Pumpkin-Head!!

sunken garden

Suttles and Seawinds' Sunken, or, shhhhhhh, Secret, Garden is a delight. It's lovingly laid out in the remains of a well-seasoned, traditional stone foundation. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the view by walking right around the "patch" or taking the stone steps down into the garden.

Come October, it's inhabited by scarecrows. This year, they were a rather sophisticated, stylish, group all dressed up for the Masked Ball.

Do drop in and see Suttles and Seawinds. In 1973, this remarkable success story was launched in nearby New Germany under the creative genius of Vicky Lynn Bardon. Her passion was to play a significant role in the international revival of quilt making.

The huge, three-story pink house is home to her lines of clothing, accessories, housewares....Next door is taken up by fabrics and a fine collection of her breathtakingly beautiful quilts, designed, hand-sewn and machine-sewn right here in Nova Scotia.

suttles and seawinds

She dances to the beat of Mahone Bay streets.

Won't you join us and enjoy a cool, celebratory drink at the end of another wonderful day?

Life is like a box of chocolates ... You never know what you'll get! In this case, you get a very creative display of "Forrest Gump" waiting for the bus. Makes perfect sense that he's sitting on the step of Sensational Chocolates.

Some wonderful Mahone Bay gingerbread makes a delightful frame for this scarecrow.

Old Sam welcomes you to his porch for a spot o' tea.

No clowning around here -- she doesn't let a tight rope slow down her juggling act!

Boo! You never know who's going to suddenly pop into your day

This building shows plenty of graphic potential.

Here's Jodie in the mirror. After reflecting on the possibilities, we capture an interesting image.

Birdsall-Worthington Pottery pays a second-story tribute to pottery-making artisans.


We decide to zoom in on...

... a collection of intriguing close-ups ...

... each face tells a story through the use of colour, texture, props and a healthy dose of imagination.

Come sit with me a spell. We'll have a grand old time!

Thank-you Mahone Bay -- to all the people who, once again, created such a fabulous photo-op. The annual Great Scarecrow Festival and Antique Fair is a must-see event.

We hope you've enjoyed our photos. Until next year, Kevin and Jodie

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