The Spotted Frog's - Whimsical Folk Art

Inga Hatton, proprietor of the Spotted Frog Folk Art Gallery in Lunenburg has been an art collector for much of her adult life. Yet it took a move to Nova Scotia in 2000 before she began exploring folk art.

Her gallery is home to Kevin's work, as well as 30-plus other top contemporary folk artists. "My very first Nova Scotia piece was a painting by Kevin," Inga says. "It's long since been sold." He painted a mural on her bathroom wall, that's a keeper for sure.

The Spotted Frog carries his whimsical humourous pieces and seascapes and will have another full slate for 2005. They're hopeful he'll spend one summer afternoon a week painting in the galley.
"I stumbled across Kevin Creaser and was so delighted by him and his work," Inga recalls. "I thought this is a really neat art form. I began exploring it further and found it even more delightful and joyful. I became totally besotted with the art form."

Inga has a great sense of humour and loves to show off "her critters".

My wife, Suzanne, gets the finer points from Inga about the carved skunk critter nestled in the palms of her hands.

Folk Art is a fascinating creature. "Sometimes," Inge muses, "people can be drawn to it just a teeny weeny bit, but after repeated exposure, they become hooked. Once they're hooked, they're there for life. Something can tease you for awhile, then suddenly you appreciate the flavour, then you have to be munching on it forever."

The cow and the farmer catch the light coming through the window.

Some folk art that's found in her gallery. The seacape at the bottom of the photo, a cd cabinet, and the frog-fish mirror are my creations.

Lots of color and fun!!

Link to Inga's Spotted Frog Web Site
When you're done looking around, try some of her homemade ice-cream-on-a-waffle-cone. Inga's "Sweet Treasures" ice cream shop is in the same building.Yummmm!!

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