Gladee's Nova Scotia Cottage

It's the little things that count......

When you first walk through the door, it's obvious Gladee's beach house rental is much more than a place to stay, it is a welcoming retreat to enjoy.

Unique features at Gladee's nova scotia cottage rental

As your host and an artist, I strive to make each corner of the house unique and personal. I'm always doing small things for my wife, Suzanne, and it pays off in the end. So it is with Gladee's beach house.

Every little thing we do, sets the mood, the feel, the personality of the place. You may not notice one or two small touches, but do hundreds of small things throughout, and the house truly becomes one's home.

That's our aim! We ask for our guests' feedback and are open to making adjustments. We preserve the history of the old, while wedding it to the day's modern conveniences.

Jodie, a local artist /writer, designed a wonderful album for your enjoyment. Its pages will lead you on a fun journey through the area highlighting the best things to experience. What to do with the kids on a rainy day? Where to get the finest seafood or have a grand night out? It is told to you in a colorful scrapbook form with plenty of great pictures and ideas to set you free exploring Nova Scotia's South Shore. Here is really nice page on bird watching from her album......

osprey at hirtle's beach

My paintings are throughout the house. One shows the land in my grandfather's time, those buildings are now torn down, but the house still stands, restored to its original condition. I feel honoured to paint the history of this area. There is a fun scrapbook, done by Jodie, of my work at the house.
My wildlife paintings depict local animals and birds. The kitchen holds a large painting of an osprey.


Click to see more example of Kevin's work
Step outdoors, behind the beach house, you'll spot an osprey nest.They are wonderful to watch, soaring home to their complaining, hungry young, clutching their ocean surf catch in iron talons. Majestic large birds! Typically, the young start flying in the late spring.
We have many, many unique, small touches throughout the house. It was great fun searching for the little treasures, such as schooner ship model in the hall looking over the cathedral style window.

View out window at Gladee's, nova scotia cottage

The window's irregular qualities create wonderful streams of evening light in the upstairs hall. Settle on a comfy chair, give in to a good book and the gentle song of the surf. Pause a moment and look out towards Gaff Point in the distance and the beach right below. Feel the breath of wind through the open window. Smell the pristine salt ocean air. Enjoy this feast for the senses. Ahh!
My grandmother lived here as well. She hooked many marvelous rugs. Her compass mat pays tribute to the famous Nova Scotia schooner, the "Bluenose." Lunenburg, a 15 minutes drive from Gladee's, is the birthplace of this remarkable fishing-and-racing vessel, as well as "Bluenose II." If she's in port, be sure to put her on your agenda.
My great uncle Cyril lived here all has life. His fascinating story includes his senior years, during which he unexpectantly became a Nova Scotia folk art celebrity. A fun scrap book of Cyril's work in the near future will be at Gladee's for everyone to enjoy.

Cyril Hirtle Folk Artist

His paintings depict a more innocent time, of fishing and living off the land and sea. Such a character, he had a great sense of humor and a zest for the simple things in life. His primitive paintings stand as testament to his enjoyment of life.

Click here to find out more about Cyril and his paintings.

Everything in Gladee's was carefully thought out and placed to give our guests the feeling of history, comfort and a very welcoming atmosphere ... your own home away from home.

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